Visiting Animation Colleges

I have recently returned from having such a great time talking about drawing, posing, and animation at Seneca College, Humber College, and Sheridan College.  Thank you so much to the faculty who invited me to participate and talk about my drawing syllabus and my book, Movement & Form. It was wonderful to see my past teachers who have been so influential to me, old students of mine and as well new friends and artists.  More photos to come soon!
- Samantha

Sweden & Finland

Had a wonderful time teaching drawing and animation in Stockholm and Visby in Sweden, as well as Helsinki in Finland!

On Press

On site at the printers!

Hello everyone,

I just flew back home to Montreal late last night from being on site at the printers. We looked into the colours of the book, and it is now being printed and bound.  They have not confirmed a date yet where they will send it to the distribution centre, but it should be within the next few days.  We have a long weekend in Canada this weekend, so it may end up being early next week, but I will not receive any confirmation about the exact day from them until later today or tomorrow.

It's getting closer to it's end date, at least the green tinge colour issue has been resolved and it is moving forward again!

Colour Blues Part 3

This is just a very quick update to let you know that I am still waiting on the updated colour proofs from the printers. This has been a very difficult week as they have been negligent and sent the wrong files and we have been losing a lot of time because of errors on their side. Im very sorry for these delays, they have had the final book files for over a month. I'm hoping everything will get resolved and we can move forward as soon as possible.

Thank you for being patient!

    Colour Blues Part 2

    Hello Everyone,

    The colour proofs arrived but unfortunately not all the proofs were sent. I've been told they will be sent out and arrive by the end of the week.

    I apologize for the colour process taking so long.  It's not something I had foreseen and it's been very frustrating since the colours that the printers sent in July are not consistent with what we are seeing now.  Hopefully this will be sorted sooner than later and the books will be printed and shipped out soon.

    In the meantime, the shipping labels have all been organized so the books will be ready to ship.  If anything comes up that you need your shipping label updated, please message me via the site if you pre-ordered (or via kickstarter if you are a backer) and let me know.

    Thank you for all your patience and understanding! 


    Colour Blues

    The colour blues arrived last week.  There was a delay with the printers, they were supposed to arrive the week before but were sent 6 days late, so there has been a bit of lost time.  As well, the blues do not match the colour tests that were done last month.  There should have been no difference from the colour tests done a month ago.  I am trying to resolve this with the printers as soon as I can. If we can't get it resolved I'll have to fly in to do it on location. Here is an example to give you an idea of the difference:

    Because printers were late with the blues, which pushed things back a week, and we now have to do another printing test, the book will be sent out a bit later in September. The printers have confirmed that once the colours are set, it will take 10-13 business days to get the book out, so hopefully it won't be much longer!

    Amazing update!

    I wanted to share an amazing update with you;  Aaron Blaise has graciously written a wonderful forward for Movement & Form!

    As you all know the book has been a project of love and passion, something I believe in and have worked hard to put together.  I can't put into words how much it means to me to have Aaron be a part of the book.  

    I have admired Aaron's work my entire artistic life. Not only is he an exceptionally talented animator, but he is an incredible wild life painter, draughtsman, director, storyteller, artistic director, visual development artist... essentially a truly talented and creative artist. Not only is he one of the most incredible artists of this generation, his talent is only surpassed by his generous and inspiring personality.  

    Aaron creates art that inspires by example, and he devotes himself to sharing with and mentoring the artistic community.  

    If you want to see more of Aaron's work you can visit his website here:

     Thank you so much for being part of this book, Aaron! :)


    On another note, the CIP number has arrived and the book is in the final revisions.  It just needs a cold-read edit. We are doing colour tests and it will be ready to send to print soon!