Hello everyone!

This is just a little note to update you about what has been happening with the book. 

The book is on track and the additional images are almost completed. It's been 7 day weeks from early mornings to late nights wrapping up the final stages of the book!

Final editing and design are taking a bit longer than initially planned but we want to make sure that the book is the best that it can be and I don't want to cut any corners. With that being said there will likely be a slight delay of a few weeks. However in the time that the book is going through the final copy edit, I will be preparing some additional artwork that will be added to it.

I've also been going through paper samples and have settled on a high quality paper stock with satin finish, as well as a thick stock for the cover with both matte and gloss finish. The book will be very well made and durable!

Thank you so much for your support and patience!  I can't wait to get this book out to you!