Amazing update!

I wanted to share an amazing update with you;  Aaron Blaise has graciously written a wonderful forward for Movement & Form!

As you all know the book has been a project of love and passion, something I believe in and have worked hard to put together.  I can't put into words how much it means to me to have Aaron be a part of the book.  

I have admired Aaron's work my entire artistic life. Not only is he an exceptionally talented animator, but he is an incredible wild life painter, draughtsman, director, storyteller, artistic director, visual development artist... essentially a truly talented and creative artist. Not only is he one of the most incredible artists of this generation, his talent is only surpassed by his generous and inspiring personality.  

Aaron creates art that inspires by example, and he devotes himself to sharing with and mentoring the artistic community.  

If you want to see more of Aaron's work you can visit his website here:

 Thank you so much for being part of this book, Aaron! :)


On another note, the CIP number has arrived and the book is in the final revisions.  It just needs a cold-read edit. We are doing colour tests and it will be ready to send to print soon!