Colour Blues

The colour blues arrived last week.  There was a delay with the printers, they were supposed to arrive the week before but were sent 6 days late, so there has been a bit of lost time.  As well, the blues do not match the colour tests that were done last month.  There should have been no difference from the colour tests done a month ago.  I am trying to resolve this with the printers as soon as I can. If we can't get it resolved I'll have to fly in to do it on location. Here is an example to give you an idea of the difference:

Because printers were late with the blues, which pushed things back a week, and we now have to do another printing test, the book will be sent out a bit later in September. The printers have confirmed that once the colours are set, it will take 10-13 business days to get the book out, so hopefully it won't be much longer!