July Updates

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to update you all with how the book is going. The ISBN number has been approved and registered, and we are waiting on the CIP number to be processed so that it can be put into the printing of the book. This may take anywhere from 10 to 14 additional days.

The copy edit revisions are taking a little longer than I had anticipated, however we’re still working hard to get the book out with minimal delays. I apologize for the delay, it is my first book and I underestimated the work at the copy edit stage. Due to scheduling and availabilities, the revisions will have to wait one more week before a final revision of the latest updates can be reviewed. This is very valuable to make the manuscript the best possible. I don’t want to send you a book that could have been better. But rest assured that I am putting in, literally, 14-16 hour days to make sure we stay as close to the projected release as we can. If all goes to plan, the book will be revised and re-formatted with the new changes by the time the CIP number is processed. It will then get sent to print, and approximately 2-3 weeks later sent to the distributors who will have it shipped out to you within 48 to 72 hours.

Please note, I have kept the address update option available to you. So if you are concerned about address changes, it is still possible to update your address. I will send an update message with 48 hour notice of when I will close the option to make an address change. I am leaving it open until the book is close to being shipped out from the printers.

Thank you so much for your support and patience. I feel these revisions are important and make the book stronger! I appreciate that you are excited for the book, I am also so excited to get it to you!


p.s. There is also some amazing news to come, which I will post very soon!

    Hello everyone!

    This is just a little note to update you about what has been happening with the book. 

    The book is on track and the additional images are almost completed. It's been 7 day weeks from early mornings to late nights wrapping up the final stages of the book!

    Final editing and design are taking a bit longer than initially planned but we want to make sure that the book is the best that it can be and I don't want to cut any corners. With that being said there will likely be a slight delay of a few weeks. However in the time that the book is going through the final copy edit, I will be preparing some additional artwork that will be added to it.

    I've also been going through paper samples and have settled on a high quality paper stock with satin finish, as well as a thick stock for the cover with both matte and gloss finish. The book will be very well made and durable!

    Thank you so much for your support and patience!  I can't wait to get this book out to you!


      We Made it!


      It has been quite a campaign!  This book is happening because of your support.  I am so grateful to the overwhelming amount of belief, encouragement and support that has been given generously through this campaign.  Thank you everyone so much!  I will be keeping you all up to date with the books progress and will be in touch soon to organize the rewards!

      Thank you again, this has meant so much to me!  I am going to be working hard to get the best that this book can be out to you!

      - Samantha

      Final Demo & Critique! 1 Day Left To Reserve Your Copy!

      If you missed the 2nd and final demo & critique session to support the book Movement & Form, or would like to rewatch it, the video is now up for you to enjoy!

      Thank you for supporting this project!  There is still one day left, please keep sharing and spreading the word!


      FREE Demo & Critique Session to Celebrate the book!

      Be sure to tune in to another great session!  The session is live, please come and participate!  There will be free demo's and critiques of artwork.  Please join us and ask any questions about drawing, posing and the book Movement & Form!
      The link will be posted 10-15 minutes before the start time on the kickstarter page:

      Artist Interview Series With Kenny Roy

      Great interview with Kenny Roy, where we talked about the Youssef Drawing Syllabus, and the book Movement & Form.

      Join me for a great chat with Samantha Youssef, where we talk about her upcoming book (and wildly successful Kickstarter Campaign) "The Youssef Drawing Syllabus - Movement & Form" Contribute to the campaign and get this amazing book early! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/samanthasketches/the-youssef-drawing-syllabus-movement-and-form?ref=nav_search

      Book Campaign is Now Live!

      Please support the book Movement & Form!  

      The Kickstarter Campaign is now officially live!  The live FREE Critique, Demo and Q&A Session takes place today at 12pm EST.  Click on the link found on the Kickstarter page to join the session!  Everyone is invited to attend, ask questions and learn about drawing & posing!